It is a proposal that relates concepts, techniques and technologies of three elements TEXT-TEXTILE-CODE. Relating them to Poetry, written, oral, digital or printed word, the tocapus (textile writing that is read in Quechua) and the idea of the game, as interactivity, highlighting the idea of programming (code writing) and its applications to diverse works that include interactive urban interventions, selective projections or mappings, low tech analog projections, mobile projections, as well as real-time audiovisual performances or live cinema.

CATALOGUE:: Texto Textil Código (Text in Spanish)


Milenary language that is written in weaves and read in Quechua

YAWARNIYKI… love in quechua language

RIMAYMAPPING Textile poetry

KUTIKUTIMUY low tech audiovisual

TEXTILE:: The palpated word

::to weave / to code::

Thinking machines :: operating systems

CODE:: Can you read this textile?

Weave as early digital technology

e-CHIMU zeros and ones

QR code Tapestry to decodified

Binaries One and zero make another one