I am a new media artist, weaver, specialist in Andean Textile Techniques and researcher from Bolivia. I work, since twenty years, producing artworks, exhibitions, texts and conferences, about researches on traditional textile techniques and processes of the American continent, especially in Andean and pre-Columbian textiles. Besides specializing in Natural Dyes, I specialized in back-strap looms where I use to weave complex techniques and ancient techniques such as those found in Pacaras, Chimu and Chancay Cultures.

My work is a research where Andean ancient technology translated tonew media art practice,  since is result of years of study and practice of pre-Hispanic techniques and experiences that  allowed me to develop manual dexterity, as well as mastery of the processes to achieve the structure of complex fabrics.  I realized that these processes are related with energy, understand the textile as technology: away of a complex system, where it is necessary to exercise mathematical reasoning, and the loom as a portable thinking machine that could be incorporated.

While I work with simple and rudimentary tools like sticks, llama bones, hand-spun animal fibers and natural dyes, I use to weave unusual materials for the traditional Andean weave, as optical fiber, conductive thread, copper as sensors, etc. and in the hidden structure of these weaves I included electronics circuits, microcontrollers, movement or color sensors, digital LEDs, code and so on. All those practices merge with each other, resulting in works that give continuity to the ancient textile tradition of which I consider myself part.