The palpated word

Traditional Andean weave, Double Cloth (kurti)

The textile was for centuries the means through which humanity took fundamental steps towards the necessary abstraction to achieve writing: humanity learned to abstract while learning to weave.

In ancient times knitting and writing were a single practice, but a textile is not only surface, the intrinsic reasoning in Andean traditional techniques is highly complex. They transmit information, which is not only two-dimensional, because when they are incorporated, they give reference to origin, identity and collective statements such as the fabric where it is read “This is how Bolivian women know to weave”” that belongs to a master weaver whose name we do not know.

“asi savin tejir los campesinas volivianas”

Hello world

::to weave / to code::
Thinking machines :: Operating systems

Weave made with the complex technique double-cloth or Kurti. Year : 2014

In this video my teacher Paulina Garcia Condori, gives me the loom so I can start to weaving it. “Hello world” is a term used in programming languages ​​to verify that the system is working. The video suggests the analogy between a loom working with the traditional weaving process known as Kurti or Double Cloth, with a highly organized complex system in full operation.

Some weaves of this series were also worked in collaboration with the master weaver Paulina García Condori de Iturata – Sacaca, North Potosí, Bolivia.

JIWASANAKA interactive textile (40 x 180 cm) Where personal pronouns were woven in Aymara and Spanish, highlighting the fourth person of the plural in Aymara language, an inclusive plural.