Lines that involve practices in art

DESENVOLVER is a proposal that explores practices, techniques and procedures of the development of Andean textiles and entails them with video art, objects, installations and performances. An exploration of contemporary space through ancestral knowledge. That questions the colonial conventions imposed on the original art and prevents on the concept of hybridization in art.

The verb DESENVOLVER allows a dynamic between works and theoretical reflection, but it also invites the natural action of the lines / threads, when the weaver undoes the clews: DESENVOLVER and then ENVOLVER the fabric warp, in an act of difference and repetition , VOLVER using the old memory and conjugate the verb VER in first person …

Exhibition Catalogue Forte San Marcelo, Salvador Bahia, Brazil. 2008

(Portuguese and Spanish)


Video – First person of the verb to see in Latin- Video art that encourages reflection on non-places, displacements and migrations

Qaiturastro, Trace of lines

Si me permiten hablar Sound & hand spinnning


Invites to think intangible links between common stories, stored objects and lost things.

BINNACLE Woven Photographs

CURRENCY Money as Fiber

WAKAYCHAS simple treasures


Repetition and difference in the creative act. Objects created following the materiality of the yarn.

CHIRIS Repetition and difference

Jatuncocha Penetrable

KURMIS Andean Rainbows


Actions caused by the practice of DESENVOLVER

Pushka High Info Sound action


The Industries, The waste