Interactive installation with low tech projectors

Festival INDI, Interacciones Digitales. La Paz – Bolivia, 2011

Collaboration with Bernardo Rozo.

Interactive audiovisual installation in which viewers can compose their own visual and musical experience, stepping on the sensors that each of the 13 Low tech projectors has. Each projected image is related to a sound symbiosis of the same ‘text-textile-code’ equation. On this basis, when several projectors are activated at the same time, it will be possible to randomly construct a larger audiovisual fabric, discovering the different poetic possibilities of combining the audiovisual materials present.

Through the use of floor sensors it were possible to activate each of the projectors individually, as well as the audio material related to each projector, having a total of 13 different sound materials. The overall audiovisual result will be randomly activated by visitors, so that they will have their own contribution in the way in which the work is presented. This set of projectors can be surrounded by the spectator so that he can discover for himself the operation of the installation.