To warp: Difference and repetition

Modular works, cylindrical structures, weave with a single element, with wool spun by hand by the author.

Variable dimensions 2007 – 2010

These pieces use the chromatic resource of color degradations, called k’isas, very common in some Aymara and Quechua textiles. In the same way, they are inspired by wind instruments, known as Chiris or Chiriguanos, also originating in the Andean regions. These are formed of thin bamboo rods, whose size varies between 80 cm and more in a meter and a half in length, so they make deep and deep sounds. These instruments are wrapped with a fine thread of natural tones of alpaca wool and are usually played on the top of the mountains, in ritual moments. At the same time, the Chiris remind the Warañas, a kind of previous scheme or memory aid used by the Andean weavers for the color compositions in their weaves.