Penetrable Installation

More than 150 cylindrical structures wrapped with colorful cotton

Dimensions: 33 m2.

Year : 2009

Arranged in Fort San Marcelo, in Salvador Bahia, Brazil. In an area of ​​33 m2, this installation is made up of approximately 150 cylindrical structures, the height of which varies from 1.70 m to 30 cm, which were wrapped, in a collective process, with dyed cotton threads.

This installation creates a set, whose modular unit refers nominally to the wind instruments, described above, such as Ch’iris – instruments played in high mountains – the set of them when penetrated, gains other connotations. The place of assembly was constituted in a transit space that tries to evoke the submerging in bottom of the sea. The work is accompanied by a subtle sound intervention by Bernardo Rozo, created with a wide range of wind instruments and nuances, as well as voices in Quechua and onomatopoeic sounds. Sound landscapes that multiply the experience of walking through that space.

Brazilian artist Juliana Liao made a performative intervention the installation space. It was multiplied in another installation called chrysalis.