Water and electricity projections

Installations / Experimental Audiovisual

Interactive works, the projection will last as determined by the viewer through a switch or a floor sensor.

Year: 2009 -2011

The “Low Tech” Projectors are simple devices, which were carried out through a thorough process of investigation and testing of materials, such as wood boxes, burnt light bulbs and water, slides, Japanese lamps and other materials considered waste. Experimenting, at the same time their relationship with music, in a creative process with Bernardo Rozo.

Exhibition “12 times per second”, KIOSKO Gallery, Bolivia, 2009

These projectors evoke the first experiences of cinema and photography, and give us aesthetic possibilities of working with both projected images and with analog and digital sounds, which come in sync with them, through the concept of loop. The projected images can be static or have movement, the latter is achieved through a simple thermodynamic mechanism, which will be operated by the viewer, through a switch.

These projectors will appear as an alternative to achieve the projection of sequences of 12 frames, in a 360-degree projection whose construction process and final result, generates a poetic that can be explored by opening an infinity of variations, where the water shows its optical properties and electricity causes looping movements.

Installation “360 degrees”, Cinemateca Boliviana, Biennial SIART, Bolivia 2009

Other Instalations

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