Textile as Technology

e-aruma is a research that assumes textile as technology and is constituted by works where ancestral textile practices are related to the energy transformed into light and color. In the dark it is that these works acquire their true dimension. Linking together ancestral textile practices with electronics, microcontrollers, programming languages, aimed at interactivity, as well as experimentation with non-traditional textile materials, such as fiber optics, conductive wires and analog sensors included in textile structures.

NDT – Night Dependent Textiles

Light is information that circulates through the fibers, and attracts nocturnal butterflies.

Interactive textile works woven with traditional Andean techniques and tools, interweave with pre-Hispanic technology, with the light circulating through the optical fiber.

e-Chankay Weft and warp game

e-awayo color as data

e-Tariy to have encounters

Op/Tar Light or darkness?

allqamari, lights and shadows

electric awqa Contrast

e-Chumpi Luz y sonido

sensitivae:: A being of sensationss

LET – Light Emitting Textiles

Light is energy that circulates through its fibers and connects within its complex structure.

Woven with traditional Andean techniques, the same techniques that are worked by the most experienced weavers, such as kurti or double weave, pebble weave or pallay, made on back strap looms.

Tejido Interactivo


CRUX loominescent

e-WAKAYCHAS simple treasures