Saved things that conduct electricity

Weaves, electronic components and saved things as electricity conductors
Dimensions: 34 x 44 cm
6-piece series
Year: 2015

My grandmother’s Wakaycha.

Wakaycha is a Quechua word that name saved objects, simple treasures kept in dark and secret places.

It’s called Wakaychas in quechua to objects saved, simple treasures preserved on dark and secret places.
The e- wakaychas series take advantage of the conductive properties of electricity present in objects generally saved by weavers. They are needles, hooks, moles, brooches and others that, being touched, activate connections of hidden circuits that illuminate the weaves by LEDs, powered by a Joules thief who extracts energy from discharged batteries.

A first version of this series was created between 2006 and 2009.

The first Wakaychas