Mamoré current

Amazon Light

Action and Light Installation
This work was carried out during Abubuya, Km0 a project of the Kiosko Gallery, in the Mamoré River, Beni.
Year: 2014

Mamoré Stream is the action and light installation arranged in a small drifting boat, where the light was generated by the Mamoré River current, in the Bolivian Amazon. For this, two discarded fans were re-used, modifying their operation to generate enough light to illuminate the small boat. After numerous tests, the light generated by the river contrasted with its own darkness.

Acknowledgments: To Raquel Schwartz, Julio Gonzales and Nancy La Rosa for the photographs, to Elkin Calderón for the recording video, as well as to Julio Vargas, Cheo and the crew of Reina de Enin, for their support in the realization of this work. .