high tech rituals for a low life future

Project in colaboration with Karla Kracht (Germany/Spain)

Two artists joined to create, in order to not succumb in distopy before fighting. “We need to leave the forest because it has been invaded” “Enough of escaping the monsters, it’s time to walk with the goddesses!” Let´s create an electric garden!

Both know the first way of capturing photons was to chisel the reflection of the stars on water into stone. They also learned that you have to look at the empty spaces between the stars to discover mythical animals, like llamas, toads, fireflies and small bats that accompany them through the dark nights.

They know their tools. More than ever they are confident about their retro-digital practices, which they cultivated over the years, drawing, weaving, modelling, assembling, creating their artifacts, connecting them with others, automating them and converting them into interfaces. They tell you stories in front of flickering shadows at the campfire. They walk with you whilst twirling conductive thread on the spinning wheel, to then weave organic interfaces. But above all, they can whisper in your ear an unedited experience that takes care of your agony when you think about the future.

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