Virtual Studio Tour: Sandra De Berduccy

Thursday July 16 – noon-noon


Virtual Studio Tours are a 30 min interactive program that explores local contemporary artist studios. Artists take viewers behind the scenes of their studio practice with insights into their processes, inspirations and artwork. Moderated by BMoCA’s Community Engagement and Events Coordinator, this Instagram Live series is an initiative to support local artists and give viewers the opportunity to take a closer look at art practices and ask questions to contemporary artists.

Sandra De Berduccy (Aruma) is a Bolivian artist, weaver, specialist in Andean textile techniques and a researcher in textiles and new media. While working with simple and rudimentary tools, such as ribbons, llama bones, hand-woven animal fibers and natural dyes, she usually weaves unusual materials for traditional Andean fabrics, such as conductive threads, optical fibers, copper pieces like sensors, etc. In the complex structure of these fabrics, she includes electronic circuits, microcontrollers, motion or color sensors, digital LEDs, and speakers, creating interactive works of light and sound. In her work, the traditional Andean techniques and the technologies of art and new media are intertwined, resulting in works that continue the old textile tradition of which she considers herself a part of. A native forest in the inter-Andean valleys of Bolivia, it is her work space, laboratory and fundamental space to understand the time of the weavers.

Image courtesy of the artist.

How to access
To access the Virtual Studio Tours live, log into your Instagram account on the phone app or from a web browser, then navigate to BMoCA’s profile and click on the circular icon with BMoCA’s logo.

To access the Virtual Studio Tours after they air, log into your Instagram account on the phone app or from a web browser, then navigate to BMoCA’s profile. Click on the tab for BMoCA’s IGTV and select the Virtual Studio Tour you wish to view.

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