Agua Nocturna

Multichannel Audiovisual Concert

Expanded Cinema for 3 Screens and Quadraphonic Audio System

Presented at Centro Patiño Cochabamba- Bolivia, 2013

Agua Nocturna has as its source audiovisual recordings at night locations in the Mayan Jungle of El Petén – Guatemala and Yucatán – Mexico. This work involves analogous and digital techniques and processes, through a multichannel audio and video montage, thus generating a flow that will cause an immersive experience.

Sandra De Berduccy and Manrico Montero worked on artistic projects that range from expanded cinema, installation and audiovisual experimentation. Many of these works were created for a specific site, where it is sought to generate an intersection between the acoustic image, the flow between space and time and its unity with the visual matter.

They looked each other.
Of the nocturnal water,
just the reflection